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iPhone 15 Series Experience Screen Burn-In? Related Cases Have Emerged

In less than a month since the release of the iPhone 15 series, some users have reported varying degrees of screen burn-in issues with the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Case One

A user with the username @Dylzm posted on social media on October 3, 2023, stating that their recently purchased iPhone 15 Pro Max in the UK, which had been used for only 14 days, experienced a screen burn-in issue.

The user mentioned that the phone’s screen timeout was set to the default 30 seconds and was used normally during this period. However, a keyboard imprint was left on the screen.

In this case, it is unrelated to the “always-on” feature since the screen keyboard does not appear in the always-on interface.

After this user posted about the screen burn-in issue with the new phone, many people questioned the authenticity of the claim in the comment section.

To prove its authenticity, @Dylzm subsequently posted two videos as evidence of the screen burn-in.

Finally, on October 7, 2023, @Dylzm received support for a replacement at the original place of purchase.

Case Two

A user with the username @Tyranny also posted photos of a screen burn-in issue with the first-purchase iPhone 15 Pro Max.

He stated, “The residual image is the interface of Gaode navigation when driving. I used Gaode map five or six times in total over ten days, adding up to a maximum of three to four hours. The same usage was tested on the iPhone 13 Pro from two years ago, and no screen burn-in issue occurred.”

There are several similar cases, with the virtual keyboard being the most frequently affected area.

If you are unsure whether your phone is experiencing screen burn-in, please refer to (How to Identify Screen Burn-In?).

Some of the iPhone 15 series “screen burn-in” problems may be related to screen hardware defects or iOS algorithm bugs. If it’s an isolated screen quality issue, contact customer service for replacement or return. If it’s an algorithm issue related to the anti-screen burn function of the auto-brightness function, users simply need to wait for the next system update to address and fix the problem.