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Burn-in Fixer Android App
OLED burn in example
“Example of screen burn-in”

Screen burn-in refers to a phenomenon that can occur with OLED displays after extended use. It may result in “image persistence” or “burn-in” where a faint remnant of a previous image remains visible on the screen even after a new image appears. Image persistence is temporary and usually disappears after a few minutes of regular use.

Burn-in is more severe and occurs when high-contrast images are continuously displayed at high brightness for extended periods. In the case of an OLED display, “burn-in” means specific images or elements have been on the screen long enough to leave permanent traces. These traces can persist as part of or the entire image element, remaining visible even when new images are displayed, and they do not fade on their own.

  1. Start by adjusting the screen brightness to 90% or higher.
  2. Click on the adjacent white image, and it will automatically display a full-screen image with continuously changing grayscale. At this point, you will notice the areas affected by screen burn-in more prominently within a specific grayscale range.
  3. Observing the phone screen from different angles and a slight distance away provides a clearer view of the burn-in.
  4. Click anywhere to zoom out the burn in test.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to use the repair tool on this website?

Click the “Launch Fix Burn-in” button at the top of the page. You’ll be redirected to the repair interface. Click “READ ME” to review the instructions. When you’re ready to start the repair, click the “START” button. After a 5-second countdown, the repair process will begin automatically (you can stop it at any time by clicking anywhere on the screen once the repair has started).

Why is the screen burn-in?

In simple terms, each pixel on the screen is like a glowing light bulb, and these bulbs have a limited lifespan. When a pixel displays a high-brightness, high-contrast image for an extended period, its brightness can degrade. Pixels that display images with varying colors allow the RGB subpixels inside to rest at different times. This leads to varying levels of aging among pixels, resulting in burn-in.

How does the repair tool work?

After you click the START button, the code for repairing burn-in loads instantly. It leverages the browser’s powerful processing capabilities to fully activate each light-emitting diode (pixel). After a certain duration, it reactivates malfunctioning pixel points, reducing the “burn-in” area of the residual image or icon.

How soon can I expect to see results?

In best practice, you should run the tool for at least 2 hours. This tool is designed to help eliminate burned/burnt-in images/icons on your screen. While it’s not guaranteed to completely resolve your issue, it should help with faint burned-in images or stuck pixels. For more severe burn-in, it should help make them less prominent and fainter.

What advantages does the online tool offer over YouTube videos?

1.Faster loading speed.
2. Suitable for various screen types and sizes, automatically adapting to your device’s resolution and refresh rate.
3. No ad interruptions during the repair process.
4. YouTube videos can be affected by network speed and fluctuations, potentially reducing the video resolution to as low as 144p in poor network conditions, which can impact repair effectiveness.

Is it suitable for mobile or computer screens?

This tool can be used for various screens, including computers, mobile phones, tablets, and even smartwatches.

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