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How to Deal with App Icon Image Retention (Screen Burn-In)?

1.What Is App Icon Image Retention (Burn-In)?

When scrolling through your phone becomes a daily habit, there might come a night when you forget to lock your screen or, for some reason, the screen displays a static image for an extended period. Eventually, you might notice that the icons of that particular application have been imprinted on your screen.

They manifest as semi-transparent “ghost images” that appear in fixed positions on your screen while using other functions on your phone. Depending on the severity of the issue, these “burn-ins” can significantly impact the visual quality of your phone’s screen.

2.Why Does App Icon Image Retention (Burn-In) Occur?

This phenomenon tends to occur more frequently in recent years with the increasing prevalence of OLED displays. OLED screens are more susceptible to image retention due to their different underlying technology compared to LCD screens. In simple terms, each pixel on an OLED screen is like a tiny light bulb, emitting light organically.

However, these light bulbs have a limited lifespan. When a high-brightness, high-contrast image is displayed for extended periods, the brightness of these pixels can degrade. When surrounding pixels display varying images, thanks to the ability to switch colors, it results in different degrees of wear on the OLED pixels. This leads to screen burn-in.

burn-in example

3.How to fix screen burn-In?

In most cases, screen burn-in tends to alleviate gradually with reduced screen usage time (LCD screens may recover faster than OLED screens). However, if the burn-in effect is severe, you can use the tools provided by our website to attempt repairs.

Depending on the extent of the burn-in, it is recommended to run the repair tool for at least half an hour or longer. Keep in mind that all screens have a finite lifespan, and if the issue persists, it might be time to consider replacing the screen.


In conclusion, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for fixing screen burn-in. Remember that your eyes are more precious than any screen. It’s advisable to reduce the time spent on smartphone and not get overly immersed in the world of short videos.

Protect your eyes and strike a balance between the real and virtual worlds. Wishing you a happy and balanced life!~